Bejart Ballet Lausanne

Tovstonogov Bolshoi Drama Theatre
Bejart Ballet Lausanne

The official programme started with the ballet of the famous company Bejart Ballet Lausanne. Ballets “The Miraculous Mandarin”, “Etude for the Lady of the Camellias” and “Bakhti III” produced by Moris Bejart were presented in Russia for the first time. “Anima Blues” by Gil Roman was also a premiere in Russia. The show was given twice – on 20th and 21st of November 2016.
Moris Bejart prohibited free use of his original productions because only dancers who have worked with maestro in person can repeat his choreographic style. Since 2007, after Maestro went off, the company has been led by his disciple Gil Roman who cares about preservation of original Bejart’ heritage and produces his own ballets.

The Miraculous Mandarin
Choreography: Moris Bejart
Music: Bela Bartok
Costumes: Anna de Giorgi (inspired by films of Fritz Lang)
Scenery: Christian Frapin
Light: Dominique Roman
Premiere: 3rd of December, 1992. Lausanne

Etude for the Lady of the Camellias
Choreography: Moris Beart
Music: Frederic Chopin, Francesco Cilea
Premiere: 21st of December, 2001. Lausanne

Bakhti III:
Choreography: Moris Bejart
Music: Indian folk music
Scenery and costumes: Germinal Casado
Premiere: 26th of July, 1968 at Festival d’Avignon

Anima blues
Choreography: Gil Roman
Music: Citypercussion – Thierry Hochstatter & jB Meier
Costumes: Henry Davila
Light: Dominique Roman
Premiere: 15th of February, 2013.