Jo STROMGREN (Norway) &Ulrike QUADE (Netherlands) – Performance “Coco Chanel”. Norrdans (Sweden) – Performances “AB3” and “Pas de Danse”

24/11/2017 19:00
Youth Theatre on the Fontanka
Jo STROMGREN (Norway) &Ulrike QUADE (Netherlands) – Performance “Coco Chanel”. Norrdans (Sweden) – Performances “AB3” and “Pas de Danse”

On November 24, three performances will appear at the Youth Theatre on the Fontanka: Coco Chanel by Jo Strømgren (Norway) & Ulrike Quade (Netherlands), as well as AB3 and Pas de Danse by the dance company Norrdans (Sweden).

The ironic and witty Norwegian Jo Strømgren created the opus-ballet Coco Chanel as a moving and wistful story about the solitude of the Artist. The participation of dancers combined with a talking puppet makes this performance an unexpected combination. The premiėre was held in May 2017.

The Swedish ballet troupe Norrdans will show the ballet AB3. The starting point of AB3 is the imaginary world that typically belongs to the child, where an object may transform into something else, shifting its functions. In the miniature Pas de Danse by the great Mats Ek edgy movement and gestures are accompanied by the harmonica, accordion and violin. Founded in 1995, Norrdans troupe focuses on young generation as its main audience. In the repertoire of the company, the compositions of such a heavyweight of modern dance as Mats Ek coexist with the pieces by talented young choreographers – Jo Strømgren, Fernando Melo and Martin Forsberg among others.

Norrdans Nypremiär på Härnösands Teater 11 mars 2017 Kostymdesign / scenografi: Jenny Nordberg Ljusdesign: Mads Nilsen Dansareansare från Norrdans
AB3 © Bengt Wanselius


A performance about the number 3 and the difficulty in being 4, about what surrounds us and why it is there. Fact and imagination; for real and pretended; very very fast and endlessly slow.

There is something big and black in the middle. Threatening, tempting, struggling. A secret that influences. What is it?”

The piece range from the linear and systematic to the fluttering and chaotic. Jeny Nordberg’s set design and dramatic costumes combined with a twisted movement material by Martin Forsberg concludes in a visually beautiful, melancholic, mysterious and funny performance that challenges the imagination.
Choreography:  Martin Forsberg (Sweden)
Costume and set design:  Jenny Nordberg (Sweden)
Lighting design:  Mads Nielsen (Denmark)
Dancers:  Viktor Konvalinka (Czech Republik), Jakub Mędrzycki (Poland), Hanna Nussbaumer (Australia), Leila Verlinden (Belgium)
Courante from Cello suite #6 in D major by J.S. Bach
Saraband from Cello suite #5 in C major by J.S. Bach
Gwen Merenas by Aphex Twin
Allegro from Piccolo Concerto in C major by A. Vivaldi
Length: 25 minutes

World Premiere 15th of October 2009, Härnösand, Sweden

More about AB3:


Pas de Danse is part of the work MENINGSLÖSA HAGAR that was created for Hamburg Ballet by Mats Ek 1992. A humorous piece where edgy gestures, steps and movement together with the music create a world of its own. An excellent opportunity to get acquainted with one of the world’s foremost choreographers, his down-to-earth sense of humour and curious language of movement.

Mats Ek has put Sweden on the world map of dance mostly with the many choreographies he has created for Cullbergbaletten and which have toured across the world. He has also created choreographies for several big European dance companies.

Pas de Danse ©Bengt Wanselius
Pas de Danse ©Bengt Wanselius

Choreography: Mats Ek (Sweden)
Staging:  Pompea Santoro (Italy)
Lighting design:  Jörgen Jansson (Sweden)
Costume design: Peder Freiij (Sweden)
Music:  J.P. Nyström, Benny Anderssons Orkester
Dancers:  Tomáš Červinka (Chech Republik), Viktor Konvalinka (Czech Republik), Hanna Nussbaumer (Australia), Leila Verlinden (Belgium)
Length: 9 minutes