We are presenting the participants of «Diaghilev P. S.»-2023: «T.I.M.E.»

Dear friends, we are pleased to present other international guests of «Diaghilev P. S.». This is the Xiexin Dance Theater (XTD), a dance company from China, and it is coming to Russia for the first time. The «T.I.M.E.» performance will take place on 30 November on the stage of the Baltic House Theater and will close the program of the Festival-2023.


The Xie Xin Dance Theater appeared in 2014 in Shanghai and is based there. The company is named after its founder, Xie Xin, a dancer, choreographer, and one of the young stars of the Chinese choreography. Before she began staging, Xie Xin worked with the top contemporary dance companies, including the Shanghai Jin Xing Dance Theater, one of the oldest ensembles in China, and the Beijing Tao Dance Theater and Dance LDTX. She has also collaborated as an artist with Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui. 

Having founded her own company, Xie Xin found an individual choreographic handwriting. Critics from different countries describe her performances as «smooth and elegant, often using movement in unison and breath work, with no sharp, abrupt gestures» and «full of a calm energy that keeps the audience in suspense». This combination attracts professionals and amateurs from different parts of the world. In September 2023, Xie Xin is making her first appearance as a choreographer on one of the most prestigious ballet stages, the Paris Opera House: her The Horizon production opens the dance season as part of the ballet evening. 



Shortly after the choreographer’s debut in Paris, the Xie Xin Dance Theater will come to St. Petersburg. «Diaghilev P. S.» is the first in Russia to receive this company. The audience will see the «T.I.M.E.» performance, the company’s premiere released in 2022. The performance is dedicated to the theme of time and memories. The team came up with a definition related to dance and its properties for each letter of the title: T — temperature and teleportation, movement in space, I — inner self, important moments and imagination, M — memory and reason, E — energy and emotions. 


Xie Xin’s dance technique is restrained and precise. In her dance creative work, she does not rely on the plot, but shows events as they are. It is the process that is important in this work. The «T.I.M.E.» has a very strong abstract basis.

Wang Chen, Thoughtful Shanghai 



To get acquainted with the creative work of one of the most promising choreographers of China and to learn what time in dance can be like, follow our announcements. Tickets to all the Festival events will be on sale starting from 20 September.