Film about exhibition “Style on Stage. Art of Elegance” on our YouTube channel.

Guests of the exhibition in the Sheremetev Palace had an opportunity to see the masterpieces of Fashion houses Armani, Balestra, Biagiotti, Fendi, Missoni, Versace, Ferretti, and exhibits from private collections of Roger Salas, RainaKabaivanska, Valentino Garavani; New York City Ballet, and the Shremetev Palace – a branch of the Saint Petersburg State Museum of Theater and Music.The exhibitscame from European and American cities and countries: Madrid (Spain); Rome, Naples, Milan, Varese, Modena (Italy); Paris (France); New York (the USA).

The exhibition “Style on Stage. Art of Elegance” allowed for comprehensive assessment of contribution of famous Italian designers in the art of onstage dresses and costumes, the excellence of technique

The concept of the exhibition resulted from international cooperation of experienced coordinators: Massimiliano Capella, a famous Italian art and fashion historian, and Natalia Metelitsa, the director of Saint Petersburg State Museum of Theater and Music with Valeria Mangani CEO of VM Company which works at high level in relationship in fashion. The designer of the exhibition is Massimo Marcomini.Design solution of the exhibition is integratedinto the Sheremetev Palace’shistorical interior and adapted to the traditional museum environment.
Now you have an opportunity to watch a film about this exhibition on our YouTube channel.

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