International Scientific conference “Theater and Fashion. Dialogue of Arts” will be held from 23 to 24 of November in the Museum of Theatre and Music

November 23
Working hours of Conference 12.00 – 19.00

1. Nesterova Maria (St Petersburg) Fashion in ballet: Gabrielle Chanel’s Vision.
2. Khoroshilova Olga (St Petersburg) “A bit Russian, a bit French” — costumes and fashion in Peter Tchaikovsky’s life.
3. Reshetnikova Irina (Moscow) Scenic socium as matrix of the universe model: from historical authority of costume to theatre of skin.
4. Istomina Ekaterina (Moscow)
5. Nicolaevich Sergei (Moscow) Ballet and Fashion.
6. Dobrotvorskaya Karina (France) Nudity as a costume: nude body in the theater and fashion of XX-XXI centuries.
7. Demidenko Julia (St Petersburg) The Fashion Theatre of Leon Bakst
8. Arutiunyan Julia (St Petersburg) Kinetic element of costume: transformation principle in theatre and fashion.
9. Balandina Natalia (St Petersburg) Theatre as “moderator” of being: “The Red Poppy” perfume in everyday culture.
10. Onegin Nicolay (St Petersburg) Teatro alla moda: Gianni Versace and world of theatre.
11. Byligina Raisa (Ekaterinburg) Synthesism in fashion and in Diaghilev’s stagings in the beginning of ХХ century.

November 24
Working hours of Conference 13.30-18.00

1. McLean Elizabeth (Great Britain) Fashion in Motion: The Ballet Designs of Sophie Fedorovitch
2. Capella Massimiliano (Italy) Style on Stage. Italian designers and theatre.
3. Mangani Valeria (Italy) High fashion sublimation.
4. Virtanen Megan (St Petersburg) Valentina Khodasevich: theatre costume and fashion trends.
5. Knorpp Elina (Germany) Theatre, cinema, concert — scenic costume in creative work of mordern couturiers.
6. Markovich Tatiana (Austria) Fashion and/in Theatre: Staging Exoticism in Opera.
7. Slivinskaya Svetlana (St Petersburg) Yves Saint Laurent and theatre.
8. Gruzinova Anna Everyday fashion and ballet costume: from the origin to the middle of XIX century.
9. De-Klerk Julia (Moscow) – presentation of a new edition “Dernier cri or the latest cry of fashion in art of the XX century: Moscow – Paris – St Petersburg”

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